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Throat & Gland Spray (2oz)

If you’re looking for an herbal throat spray that may work to support the functioning of your immune and lymphatic systems‚ you might want to try Natura Health Products' Throat & Gland™ Spray.

One of the main ingredients in Throat & Gland™ Spray is red root extract. According to proponents of traditional herbal medicine‚ red root could potentially act to stimulate lymph flow and drainage. As a result‚ this supplement may help address some signs of lymph stagnation‚ such as minor fluid buildup.

Furthermore‚ herbs like echinacea‚ usnea‚ and licorice may offer further support for the functioning of your respiratory tract. Moreover‚ wild indigo extract is another herb that might work to alleviate a mild sore throat as well as other symptoms associated with the common cold.

Finally‚ Natura Health Products has included propolis in Throat & Gland™ Spray due to its potential to aid in maintaining optimal immune function. Specifically‚ propolis—which bees make from plant resins—might stimulate antibody production.

Every bottle of Throat & Gland™ Spray by Natura Health Products contains two fluid ounces of solution‚ which provides 177 servings.

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