Valley Natural Health is an Integrative Medical Clinic located in Fresno, California that helps patients achieve better health by delivering all aspects of functional medicine to understand the root cause of disease. Led by visionary founder Dr. Sonal Patel, ND, our clinic is a place where patients receive a level of care they are not used to experiencing anywhere else.

From primary care services for adults and children to treating patients struggling with chronic conditions, Valley Natural Health clinicians spend 15-20 minutes with patients on every visit – not the 5 minutes at a typical clinic. We take the time to understand and diagnose conditions, help educate patients on therapy and behavioral changes, and build trust.

Beyond routine physicals and preventive screenings through their primary care services, the experienced medical team uses the latest technology, advanced diagnostic testing and a personalized health care approach to understand and customize treatment plans for cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and autoimmune diseases and can also address mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Simply put, our patients feel better as their health and quality of life improves. That’s why over 5,000 patients have been treated by us in just the last 2 years alone.

Customized treatment involves both traditional and alternative therapies ranging from pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutraceuticals and more. To help address underlying causes of many chronic conditions, Valley Natural Health offers customized intravenous (IV) therapy in our in-office suite where patients can recline and relax as they receive essential nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into their bloodstream to support their immune system, improve their mood, and relieve symptoms of colds, flu, and asthma. The team also uses bioidentical hormones as part of their hormone replacement therapy.

The staff at Valley Natural Health are known for their integrative and educational approach to medicine, where they provide compassionate care in a warm, welcoming environment.  Valley Natural Health accepts most PPO health insurances, Medicare and more.

To schedule a consultation, call the Fresno, California, office or book an appointment online today.